Survival Tip #119

Survival Tip #119

Avoid Looting Targets

If I said the world descending into the Primal Age at this very moment, what would be the first three places you can think of to loot, and the top three places you would go for protection?

Now your three could be different than this, but the most common places people would look would be Grocery Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, and Gas Stations. Since most people would think of those that means most people will go there. Folk who are looting for their future aren’t always the sharing type, so you take a risk with your life to go to these bug traps. Proper preparation can help you avoid needing supplies, but even if you didn’t plan accordingly, think outside of these normal options to find safer alternatives.

Many people who haven’t prepared for the Primal Age, will end up seeking sanctuary. Most folk will head for police stations, military bases, or churches. There are advantages to such places, however large quantities of people lead to chaos, chaos leads to panic, and panic is one of the most dangerous things you will ever face. It is best to avoid these high priority locations and instead use other safe locations that aren’t as likely to be packed with unprepared people.

So, not to be cliche, but think outside the box.


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