Survival Tip #128

Survival Tip #128

Crossing Frozen Water

Taken by Adam Ward
Taken by Adam Ward

Avoid doing so whenever possible. Ice by itself is dangerous enough, then add to that freezing cold water waiting to engulf you and you’ve got a bad mix. However if avoiding survival situations was easy I wouldn’t have 128 tips and counting. If you must cross a frozen river or lake, and aren’t hurried you should spread your weight out as much as possible. Crawling on all fours, or utilizing snow shoes are two strategies for dispersing your weight. Now let’s change the situation once more, and say you are being chased. If this is the case shuffle your feet as much as possible and carry a sturdy stick that is close to your height if possible. The moment you feel the ice give beneath your feet, extend your arms, or hold out the stick, like a capital T. This way you will be able to catch yourself from going under.


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