Survival Tip #129

Survival Tip #129

Fighting Panic

Panic is something you want to avoid. Panic takes a bad situation and makes it worse. Panic can lead to injury and death faster than most anything else. However telling people not to panic, is like telling people not to breathe. Panic is a natural response from your brain, that you need to better understand so you can stop panic before it gets your into trouble. You can go read a dissertation on the step by step body reaction to panic if you like, but I will give you the nutshell version.

Your body sees or hears something that is registered as a threat. This goes to your brain where the your body flips on the adrenal glands. This adrenaline surge gets your blood pumping and airways working at their most efficient levels.

There is a time and place for fight or flight, but often times clear heads need to prevail. When you first feel your heart rate picking up, tell yourself to stop. Focus on your breathing by holding your breath for a three count. Rationalize what is taking place and continue controlled breathing until the adrenaline has worn off.


One thought on “Survival Tip #129

  1. Adrenaline is brown. Ever heard that one? Anatomically it does happen..
    Seriously though you can’t think yourself out of an adrenaline rush BUT you can train yourself to cope first and throw up later.
    To do this you need to constantly train in an adrenaline high environment. That’s one where you are under unpredictable stressful situations preferably under “attack”.

    Welcome to paintball or air-soft.

    GOOD venues and clubs can aid training, situational awareness, tactical awareness, and team working. Plus in the right scenario it floods you with constant adrenaline highs.

    After a while you will notice a change in yourself both mentally and physically.
    You’ll become calmer in stressful situations, fitter, and faster in thought.
    Thus, when you finally are flooded by adrenaline, you’ll cope better.

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