Survival Tip #130

Survival Tip #130



Your body can be a fickle machine. Like a car engine that over heats your body isn’t happy outside of its comfort zone. It only takes a few degrees to put the body in risk of heat exhaustion, and only a few more to run the risk of heatstroke.  In today’s world this isn’t hard to combat. Go inside and replenish fluids and electrolytes.

The Primal Age might not be as easy a solution. You might be stuck outdoors for days. So here are some tips for when the temperature begins to climb. Limit your activity level from 3-5 in the afternoon since that tends to be the hottest part of the day. Seek shade whenever possible, and use it to rest if you feel your body suffering from the affects of heat. If you do find yourself over heated do not strip off your clothes, soak them in water or immerse yourself in water if possible. By keeping your clothes on your create a cold compress around your body and limit the amount of water you lose to exposure. Make sure to drink enough water, and this goes without saying, but use sunscreen whenever possible.


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