Poker Lessons

10 Things

I learned

Playing Poker

1. Folding is a better option than following good intentions into ruin.

2.You can’t change your hand, you can only affect how you will play it.

3.You can’t change your opponents hand, and shouldn’t be jealous of their cards

4.Pocket Aces look great before the Flop, but by the River they can look pretty terrible.

5.Don’t let emotion affect your bets.

6.Learn to read the ticks of other people. Eyes never lie.

7.Sometimes a bluff is wise and can bring you success, other times you get caught and it takes you to the felt.

8.Just because your hand is great, doesn’t mean your opponents isn’t better.

9.Learn to how to cheat, not so you can, but so you can spot a cheater.

10.The best hand is not the same thing as the winning hand.

Photo by Thomas van de Weerd

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