An Open Apology to Ron Swanson

Dear Ron,

A few months ago I did a March Madness inspired bracket for survival team partners in the end of the world. Your name was one of those suggested to me to be placed into the running. I didn’t know who you were at the time, and read about you on wikipedia. Not knowing much else besides you were on Parks and Rec, I didn’t think you belonged, but I put you in anyways.

Watching you fall in the first round to Dr. Jack Shepherd from Lost seemed like the right way for that round of voting to go. However, I recently began watching Parks and Rec, and I want you to know that I am sorry.

I am sorry for underestimating your validity in the end of the world, when I should have been celebrating you as one of the most qualified. You are more of a survivalist than the majority of the sixty-three other candidates, and you are always happy to pass on your knowledge. I imagine your house would already be an ideal fortress in the end of the world, you have the perfect mentality for the Primal Age, and are one of my favorite characters I have seen on TV.

I hope that you will except my humbled apology, and the recognition that you are better suited for the Primal Age than most.





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