Survival Tip #136

Survival Tip #136

Don’t Be Raphael


I’m talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Raph was awesome, and I’m not saying don’t be awesome. Raph was my favorite, and I’m not saying don’t be my favorite(though there can be only one). However, Raph was a hot headed prick, who often wandered off on his own to pick a fight instead of staying unified with his brothers. He has a ton of redeeming qualities, and that is why I loved him, but in the Primal Age if you are quick tempered and go looking for trouble you will find it. The issue is that the Primal Age isn’t a G rated movie. Odds are when you find that trouble you don’t get a chance for redemption, you get a chance to be dead. Stick with your group, follow your leader, and find strength in unity.


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