Survival Tip #137

Survival Tip #137

Be Better Than Leonardo


After yesterday’s post, it was brought to my attention that Leonardo could also be a dick, and which is what often led to Raph’s rebellious acts. I had to admit that these comments did have merit. Leonardo was often times a my way or the highway type of leader. You should strive to be better than a dictator if you find yourself in a leadership position. There will be times in the Primal Age where decisions need to be made on the spot, and the lives of those who follow you will be on the line. At those times you better not question yourself and lead to the best of your ability. However taking a my verdict is law on debatable subjects will turn your followers against you over time, and will lead to people like Raph rashly storming off. So, take into account the needs of those who follow you in the Primal Age.


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