Survival Tip #149

Survival Tip #149


Vanilla Ice

Stop, collaborate, and listen. Yeah. I’m doing it. I’m quoting Vanilla Ice for my survival tips.

Regardless of how you feel about ding, ding, ding, da, da, ding, ding, these words make a lot of sense for preparing for the Primal Age. Reach out to other survival enthusiasts and share tips. I rarely buy a piece of gear if I don’t hear from someone else it is worth while, or better yet I won’t get a piece of gear because of someones horror story about how terrible wrong it went on their last hiking adventure. Collaborate with other people on all things related to the end of the world. I don’t have time to become a mechanic, doctor, and marksman, but by collaborating with people who are already these things I can learn things with will help me strength myself.

The most important part of collaborating is listening. If you aren’t listening you aren’t collaborating, you’re just telling. Make sure you are listening more than you are speaking. Actually take the time to process and think through what you are told, even if you disagree. Discussion is where you will learn the most.

Stop, collaborate, and listen.



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