Survival Tip #151

Survival Tip #151

Practice What You Preach

I often talk about perfect practice, and honing your skills, but as important as those is practice what you preach. I got on the scale the other day after realizing that I’ve been extremely sedentary lately. The result was not pretty. When I thought back to the last time I lifted, or did cardio it had been a couple of weeks. When I coach sports I always tell the athletes I will never make them do something I haven’t done. Here I am not practicing what I preach.

Yeah, I’ll resume running tomorrow and get back to lifting, and in a few weeks I’ll be back into shape. Probably won’t be a big deal, but if the Primal Age descends tomorrow, I would have decreased my chances of survival by slacking.

If you are going to tell other people they need to do it, you have to lead by example.


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