Survival Tip #164

Survival Tip #164

I Can’t

After a visit with the scale this morning, I decided I should end my holiday break from working out. Today I decided to do some P90X mostly to see how out of shape I have become. When I coached I never allowed my athletes to say “I Can’t” and they were punished for doing so.

Today the always peppy to the point of needing a punch in the face Tony Horton said, “Don’t say I can’t. Say I presently struggle with.”

He pretty much nailed it.

There is a minimal amount of things that you aren’t capable of doing with practice. So, figure out the things you presently struggle with and start practicing.



3 thoughts on “Survival Tip #164

    1. True. However, I can’t do something because I lack the money is the same as I presently struggle to do something because of the lack of money. In which case you just need to come up with a way to acquire the funds.

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