17 Signs You Graduated High School In 2004, 2005, Or 2006

Thought Catalog

1. You don’t run into your ex-classmates and friends as often when you’re out because there’s currently a fresh batch of 21-year olds occupying the bars and clubs. You’re more likely to catch your former peers at Chili’s happy hour before 9pm on a Wednesday or the detergent aisle at Target.

2. All of the movies you loved and first saw during high school are turning a decade old this year. People are well aware that Mean Girls will be 10-years-old in 2014 and they aren’t exactly thrilled about how incredibly aged it makes them feel.

3. Your friends’ siblings, who were tiny people when you used to go over to their place in high school, are now fully blossoming into adults and frankly it’s kind of freaky. Wait, you’re not still 10? Why are you like, developed now? Why is his voice deep? Why…

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