#171 Change your Clothes

Survival Tip #171

Change Your Clothes

Before I get into this tip, this is my daily survival tip, however due to the way it shows up when broadcasting on my social medias I changed the title style to show up better. Thanks for understanding.

Now, your wardrobe should be far from you number one priority in the Primal Age, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change your clothes from time to time. Again, I am not saying risk your life to go find something new and fashionable, but if what you are wearing smells worse than a dead donkey then perhaps the next time you come across something your size you should help yourself. This is also something that can be solved by doing laundry. You don’t want your clothes to grow moldy or they will be harboring bacteria that can be harmful to your body. Keep your clothes clean and fresh whenever possible.


One thought on “#171 Change your Clothes

  1. First impressions matter in survival.
    Being a gray man is one thing, smelling and looking like a wet dog another.
    When faced by the authorities they react better to clean and well kept thus you are part of the problem that needs help not part of the problem to be solved.

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