#174 A Drowning Man

Survival Tip #174

A Drowning Man

I’ve been a lifeguard as long as I have been able to be one. The most important life saving tip I ever taught during water safety was if you aren’t trained do not enter the water to help someone who is drowning. (This class was generally taught to ten year olds)

The reason you shouldn’t make a safe if you aren’t trained is a second person entering the water can easily become a second person needing rescue.

I use this example for examining situations. If you are in a situation where one life is in danger, but you don’t have the training necessary to save them and will only endanger more lives, you shouldn’t go after them.

Now yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, which were usually the reports we read as lifeguards. Father tries to save drowning kid, both die. I’m not going to tell people there aren’t times where your heart will win over the brain.

Just remember you can’t always save someone who is drowning. In the Primal Age you have to preserve as many lives as possible.


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