Don’t Get An Internship. Get A Mindless Summer Job.

Thought Catalog

I wouldn’t want to be in college right now. Well that’s a complete lie. I’d love to be in college. Not because of some growth-stunted need to perpetually exist in the glory days, but because college is fun. In college, you get to spend your entire afternoon watching The Departed and still feel great about yourself.

What I meant is that I wouldn’t want to exist in the status-fueled arms race that is internship season. People needing to get internships, people needing to have a worthy answer to peers when they ask judge them about what they’re doing with their summers. It’s always one of the first things that we say. “What are you up to?” Code of course for, “How can I judge you relative to myself, and is there any reason we should continue talking?”

The winter of my sophomore year, I arrived back at school on the…

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