25 People On The One Thing They Wish They Knew At 25

Thought Catalog

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asking friends, followers, and family to tell me the one thing they wish they knew at 25 (an age I will personally be turning in five days). Here, some of the wisdom they shared with me.

1. Patti, 51

“You should move to the big city, but there are ‘big cities’ other than New York. You can get the urban experience in a lot of different places, for a lot less money.”

2. John, 34

“Just because you’re young does not mean you have no value in the work place. A lot of people are going to treat you like you’re lucky to have a job, and maybe at first you are, but if you do things well you should be ready to ask for things.”

3. Karen, 45

“Let the little arguments with friends go. Yes, they hurt your feelings, but it…

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