#178 Attic or Basement

Survival Tip #178

Attic or Basement

The age old battle of should I get elevation or should I hide underground.

Outside of tornadoes and other wind related natural disasters you want elevation. I know people are in love with their underground bunkers and there’s a growing industry around them, but a bunker, no matter how thick its walls are is vulnerable. Your enemy needs to simply wait you out, or if they don’t feel like it they can bury you inside. Bottom line hiding underground=trapped.

Elevation gives you a vantage point of what is coming. Now given if that is some gail force winds you don’t want to be watching. Most Primal Age scenarios will lend themselves to the birds eyes view. Forewarned is forearmed.


One thought on “#178 Attic or Basement

  1. Weather usually dictates down yet weather is pretty much short lived.
    CBRN also has a life span yet it is less of a worry then man.
    Man has always been ultimate danger and up or down it matters little.

    Both CBRN and man demand that you think distance and insulation between you and the outside yet there are two things that can ruin the most hardened of shelters,

    #1 is FIRE.
    The place may not burn yet you can’t breath without air and fire eats air and fills spaces with smoke.

    #2 is WATER.
    No air you drown, no heat and you freeze.

    That is why the most important factor to protection is how to escape.

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