#181 Burning Tires

Survival Tip #181

Burning Tires

For those of you aren’t aware there is a revolution going on in Kiev, Ukraine at the moment. One of the tactics the protesters are using is tire fires to create smoke blinds to the police can’t see them.

When a tire burns it gives off a thick black smoke. This makes it harder to see through and more difficult to breathe in than normal smoke.

You can use this as the protesters are as a smoke screen, or another use is as a signal fire. If you are driving and find yourself stuck, notably in heavy snow, you can remove your spare tire, siphon a little gasoline(if you have been reading my posts you should already have a siphon hose in your car), and start a fire on the tire. This will burn black and heavy for a long time. If you car has been wrecked feed the other tires into the fire as each tire burns down.


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