#187 Duct Tape Warning

Survival Tip #187

Duct Tape Warning

I’ve been in love with the uses for Duct Tape as long as I can remember. This stuff can do anything. Need some rope? No, but I have duct tape. Need some glue? No, but I have duct tape. Know how to shut up an annoying person? Yes, I have duct tape.

You get the point. This magical thing is practically a super hero.

However all super heroes have a kryptonite.

Heat. Heat can be your best friend if you are trying to seal a couple layers of duct tape into one solid unmovable mass, but it can also destroy an entire roll.

I keep an emergency bag in my car, as everyone should, and I needed to use my duct tape one fall. What I hadn’t taken into account was the temperature that my trunk had reached over summer and fused my entire roll. So, keep this in mind and if you keep your duct tape in a hot environment remember to check it frequently to be sure it hasn’t lost its integrity.


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