#188 Break the Bindings

Survival Tip #188

Break the Bindings

In the Primal Age, or now, you might find yourself in a situation where your hands have been bound together. Perhaps some bad luck, or a situation gone wrong, but you don’t have to be Houdini to get yourself out.

This is one of those things you should always be prepared for through practice. Have someone bind your hands with rope, zip ties, duct tape, cuffs, or anything you can think of so you can practice your escape. Find your escape routes with your hands bound in front of and behind you.

Practice your flexibility to be sure that if your hands are bound behind your back that you can get them around to the front.

Use some common sense when practicing. Make sure you have someone you can trust to let you out if you fail. I strongly recommend not using a sibling.


One thought on “#188 Break the Bindings

  1. A handcuff key and sharpened dog tag edge (in a rubber silencer) round the neck helps.
    A hacksaw blade ground to a knife edge and slipped in your boot lining.
    A dog tag blade or single edged razor bladeblade taped under your boot insole.
    A couple of dress maker pins for releasing plasti-cuffs share the same space.
    Paracord laces will rapidly wear through a tywrap loop.
    If lucky enough to be front tywrapped, the hip bounce shock loads the tywrap to destruction (See You Tube).
    So many tricks, so little time.

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