#189 Carry your tools

Survival Tip #189

Carry Your Tools

Last night my sister’s train was canceled, leaving her two hours away from where she needed to be today. Being the awesome brother that I am, I hopped in my car, ignored the State wide weather emergency, and went to get her. Between fallen trees and black ice it was an idea that came with the risk of being stranded. To prepare for this I dressed for the chance I’d end up stranded. I wore warm pants, a long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, and coat. In my inside coat pockets I carried my knife and lighter. I filled a large water bottle and added that to the car. In the trunk I have my emergency pack and gear. I was prepared to be stuck.

I would argue the most important part of this was that my knife and fire were on my body. If I had to leave the car in a hurry and couldn’t get to my pack, I had those two tools with me at all times. Though I didn’t end up stranded, I did end up low on gas and with a fuel door that wouldn’t open. I ended up using my screw driver bit from the utility knife to pry it open and then used the wire cutters to remove the tether that had frozen the door shut.

Always carry your tools on your body. Then no matter what happens you still have life saving options with you at all times.


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