Primal Pups #1

Primal Pups


This puppy is one of a trio(Bubba, Gump, Jumbo) of rat terriers. The pretty pup would make a great companion in the Primal Age. You would be able to train it from a young age so it was bonded to you and trained solely to your commands. A rat terrier is a smaller breed which means you wouldn’t have to worry about it being able to slink through smaller spaces, and if a situation arose where you’d have to carry the dog you wouldn’t break your back moving your pal.

You can check out more info about the pup here.

Primal Pups are brought to you by Molly’s Place Rescue in Mechanicsburg, PA. Is now not the right time for you to adopt a dog? You can still help by donating news papers, blankets, towels, food, or money.


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