#196 Your defensive weapon=Their offensive weapon

Survival Tip #196

Self-defense Weapons

I had breakfast with a female friend the other morning and she showed me the pepper spray she kept on her key chain. This led to a discussion of false sense of security such weapons provide. I am going to cover the five most popular self-defense illusions and what to do instead.

Pepper Spray: First problem is wind. You know the old saying of don’t spit into the wind. What do you think happens when you pepper spray into the wind? Not good things. Secondly someone who has been pepper sprayed hasn’t been incapacitated. If someone still wants to come after you they can. This leads to the third issue. If they are covered in pepper spray when they come into contact you are as well. The only real upside to pepper spray is that most of them leave an ink behind that a black light can detect. So, after you’ve been attacked they might be able to be arrested. This upside doesn’t work in the Primal Age though.

Knife: This is an all around bad idea. If you pull a knife and don’t have the mental strength to strike you just gave your attacker a weapon. Also, stabbing a living being is much different than any other reason you’ve used a knife in your life. So, if you are intent on carrying a knife, you better be willing to kill with it, or you can end up on the wrong end of it pretty easily.

Gun: See knife, but add range. The only upside to a gun is you might be able to keep a person at a distance with it, but still if you don’t look like you are willing to use it, you aren’t going to stop an attacker.

Taser: If you are going to carry anything I suggest a taser. The crackle is scary and no matter how strong or large your attacker the human body can’t do jack to over power an electrical current. Again the issue here is if you aren’t willing to strike, you will only provide your attacker a weapon. As far as the Primal Age goes anything that relies on electricity is a risk.

Hand to hand: I want to state first and foremost that I have no issues with martial arts and self defense classes, but too often these exist within a set of rules. Being able to break a grab isn’t going to help you much is you are a 100 pound woman under attack by a 300 pound man. Distance is your best bet for safety.

My first suggestion is feel free to carry any of these, and if you are willing to use it the world will be a better place. However if you have any doubt on your ability to take a life in self defense then you should use distance for safety. Stay as far away from the potential threat as possible. If you feel like someone is following you, don’t be afraid to run because you are worried you’ll look stupid that it was just your imagination. Yell for help, but don’t yell help, and don’t yell rape. Studies show people are assholes and don’t want to get involved. Yell fire. All the sudden there is a chance that said asshole who doesn’t want to get involved is at risk, or worse yet his items are at risk from the fire, and they will rush to the scene of the shouting.


One thought on “#196 Your defensive weapon=Their offensive weapon

  1. Another view?

    Pepper Spray, CS, Mace or PAVA. All not instantaneous and “obvious”.
    To deploy you have to brandish it.
    It’s all close range stuff too and when faced with someone rushing you, they nearly always takes too long to take effect i.e you will get hurt.
    In a primal age once used not replaceable.

    Knife: My second preferred choice, BUT only as an ambush weapon i.e. to be drawn and used in one action.
    Statistically a female weapon let alone the assassins close combat weapon of choice. Needs training yet even a slight hand is all that is necessary to inflict great damage.

    Gun: In a primal age, no problem YET while the world runs as it does, its the consequences of your action NOT your action which make this a dangerous tool.
    It’s always LOUD and in a primal age may draw long distance attention to yourself.
    It needs feeding i.e. ammunition. In a primal age? I don’t think so.

    Taser and Hand to hand: I class as the same. STUPID.
    Close enough to use either is too close as the basic rules of personal space are breached and in combat, distance is king.
    Why haven’t I therefore applied that rule (distance is king) to a knife?
    Because at close range as an ambush weapon it’s virtually unstoppable.

    On top of that a taser need batteries which is a primal age could be problematic.
    It’s also electronic(ish), usually a short life and requires skin contact.
    Far too fiddly for real combat when it matters.

    Finally the baton or walking stick. The premier league of weapons.
    I carry one as I have to and it passes through all manner of security checks and in daily use without a second glance.
    Not on your list and an often forgotten covert weapon.
    Not generally regarded as lethal but with training it’s just that.

    Tactically it gives you distance, offensively it is multifaceted.
    End on it penetrates deeply, may be not breaking skin but the underlying organ damage can be fatal. throat, temple, and solar plexis, it’s a killer.
    Side on it disables dramatically!
    A sideswipe of the knee it’s devastating with the potential for permanent disability.
    It’s uses are many, its potential ignored and in a primal age easily fabricated.

    Defensively it maintains distance thus maintaining your personal space.


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