#198 Beware of hoodies

Survival Tip #198

Beware of Hoodies

Since many of my readers tend to be from outside of America, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page. A hoodie is a hooded sweat shirt.

Hoods are great for keeping you warm, or on a coat helping to keep you dry. As with most things though there are definite risks associated with a hoodie in the Primal Age. First off they narrow your vision and cut out your peripheral. Secondly, they are easy to grab and immediately give your opponent a hand hold to your neck.

Now I’m not saying avoid hoods all together, but be sure if you are in the field you have it tucked inside of your coat so it can’t get snagged and you can see fine. Also, you can replace everything a hood does with other things (hats, balaclavas) that won’t leave you at the same risks.


One thought on “#198 Beware of hoodies

  1. My favorite survival jacket has a snap on hood. There to keep me warm when I need it. Pulls off easily when it’s a problem. Any clothing can be grabbed and jerk you around, but I agree from a pure defense standpoint a hoodie is a poor choice.

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