Review of The After


The After is a new Post Apocalyptic TV pilot on Amazon Prime.

The story itself isn’t too terrible. They leave you with a ton of questions, something to be expected from the creator of X-Files, but they don’t leave you with enough concrete to keep you going forward.

The premise is a group of people get trapped in a parking garage. Something terrible is happening outside, but we don’t know what. A unlikely group of strangers is brought together to survive whatever is going on. When a few of the people actually make it out of the garage there is pandemonium. We know nothing other than everything has hell. The streets are plugged full of people and all we are given is that power and phones are down. Eventually this unlikely group makes their escape to the rich one’s house. Here they are attacked and while they flee end up faced off against some sort of demon or angle or something biblical that appears like it is going to lay a whole lot of judgement on the world. The end.

The issue is there is no lack of post-apocalyptic shows anymore. Revolution, Falling Skies, the current front runner: The Walking Dead, or if you want to go back in time a bit, there is Battlestar Galactica, and Jericho. Point being, there are a ton of contenders for your PA time, and I just don’t see this one getting in the ring.

The thing that makes any PA show great is the characters. Yeah, we like watching them bash in a zombie’s head with a baseball bat, but at the end of the day if we don’t like that character enough to not want them to die, we are going to find another snow.

Maybe they tried to introduce the entire cast too soon. Maybe we will learn more about the characters in the next episode that will make them interesting, engaging, or likable, but for now I am going to turn it off. I will be impressed if it becomes selected for Amazon’s shows, but if it does I would be hard pressed to take the time to go back to it.

With so many other great options on the table, I wouldn’t waste your time seeing what this one is about.


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