#200 Pistols=Inaccurate at long range

Survival Tip #200

Pistol Range

Man, I can’t believe I am already at 200. Nearly there to paying off the debt that started this all. Thanks to all of you who have been with me for the first 200.

Anyhow, many people have never fired a handgun before. I for one am a pretty bad shot with a handgun. Ten yards I can hit what I am aiming at. 15 yards if I had to hit a zombie center mass I could, but a head shot would probably be about a 70% chance. And at twenty yards, well lets not worry about that little guy. Admittedly it is a survival area I need more practice in, and The Book of Five Rings does express the need to be an expert in all weaponry.

However, I do want to point out this is another area where Hollywood has lied to us. A pistol is not a long range weapon. When you see a cowboy drop an enemy fleeing on horse back with his six shooter as he is cresting the horizon, you are seeing fiction at play. I am sure there are people in the world who can make that shot, but likely you aren’t one of them.

The general rule of thumb is the longer the barrel is on a gun the further the range will be. So, take for instance a snub nose .357 with a 2 inch barrel. If they aren’t close enough to spit on, you shouldn’t be shooting.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t know how to handle a hand gun, but it is far from an ideal survival weapon.


2 thoughts on “#200 Pistols=Inaccurate at long range

  1. Like any survival situation, the tool must fit the job. A handgun is not the right tool for long range hunting of food or standing off the invading army of bad guys. That’s what a rifle is for. But a handgun, easily carried and concealed, is the right tool in a crowded situation, tight quarters, and the like. Tool dependent situations.

    And congrats on the two hundred mark. Been following since the 40’s or so.

    1. Thanks for the congrats, and quite true that it is the right tool for certain situations. I just don’t want someone to think they can take it as a primary ranged weapon. However I would include a pistol, due to the ease of a holster on one of three weapons you should always have attached to you. And in fact has set up my 201 post. Thanks for the comment.

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