#201 Three Weapons to Attach to You

Survival Tip #201

Three Weapons to Always Have Attached

Three weapons you should always have attached to your body are: pistol, knife, knuckles.

By having these three things attached to you at all times you will always have a short range projectile weapon, a slashing weapon, and a bashing weapon. This covers a large portion of situations you might have to face.

With a single gun strap or holster you will be able to carry your pistol, some extra ammo, and the knife. (Though I advocate a utility knife should be with you at all times, in this situation I am speaking more of a survival or tactical knife) With the brass/rubber knuckles you can simply keep them on your weak hand at all times, or a break away chain around your neck.

This doesn’t excuse you from a larger melee weapon or a long range weapon, but there is never a reason to not have the three of these with you in the Primal Age.  These three will make overcoming the obstacles you may face far easier, and more importantly, when not in use your hands are free.


2 thoughts on “#201 Three Weapons to Attach to You

  1. What do you think of small tactical flashlights? While I get the likelihood of batteries in the primal age is slim, these little beauties can be that fourth device I’d keep on hand. The version I carry has a flashing setting that is disturbing to anyone who has it flashed in their face, is hardened steel and has a triple edge around the light that makes it a very mean melee weapon.

    1. There are a number of ways I can go on this topic. I do feel a flashlight is essential(especially with the number of alternate powered ones there are these days) So, thank you again for inspiring my next tip of the day. Check back later for all my thoughts on a flashlights.

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