#202 A light in the darkness

Survival Tip #202

Your Flashlight

You have almost unlimited options on this front. Everything from the dollar store to 100+$ lights. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

The major thing to remember is batteries. When the Primal Age comes you might not have an abundance of AA’s lying around to get you through. Based on that concept I suggest checking out the survival lights that can be charged either by solar, or a hand crank. They might not be the best light sources out there, but they are better than no having enough power to make them work.

On the other side of this there are the night stick sized maglites, which basically double as a club. Great for providing light, and self-defense all in one hand.

Besides the gigantic maglite, there are a number of smaller light providers that can also double as a weapon. Look for anything with built in glass breaking spikes. They work equally well on people.

If you are a fan of duality, as I am, a tactical light for your pistol or rifle can make your life significantly easier. A tactical light can often be set to strobe which can incapacitate your opponent without ever having to fire a shot.

And what if you want both hands free. Well then a head lamp is for you.

So, which of these is the best choice?

All of them.

In my go bag I have a head lamp, and a maglite, as well as a cheap dollar store key chain light attached to the zipper. I also keep quite a few batteries at hand. The important thing is figuring out which light works best for the type of situation you will be in and how your group is formed. If you have ever tried to hike in nature at night, you know how valuable a flashlight is to your safety. Always have a light.


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