#205 My way or the highway

Survival Tip #205

My Way or the Highway

I happened to have dinner with a friend earlier this week(By the way Isaac’s restaurant has the best restaurant coffee I’ve ever had). With Foamers releasing next month we got talking about the Primal Age.

She made the comment that if the end world was coming that she’d seek me out right away. My response was anyone is welcome to join me as long as they are willing to take orders. Now I have no desire to become some supreme emperor of the Primal Age, but during the onset of a societal collapse it isn’t the time for a democracy. It is a time for survival.

Now if someone doesn’t want to follow me, they are under no obligation. I’m just as content to let folks wander off and run their own plan. When the shit hits the fan though, each group needs a leader who will get them through to a safer time. Once this happens it is safe to open the group up for more input and maybe even change leadership to someone who does better at peace time.

In the beginning though you have three choices to make, lead, follow, or get out of the way. No time for debates. Just survival.


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