#206 Multiple Fortresses=Multiple Fail Safes

Survival Tip #206

Multiple Fortresses=Multiple Fail Safes

So, you’ve survived the onset of the Primal Age. You’ve survived your first year. Your numbers are growing. Everything is starting to feel like a routine.

This might be the time to think about diversifying.

Now there are a ton of draw backs to this idea, but if you have a well run fortress with a large number of survivors it should be something to consider.

During your scouting start to search for secondary locations that would make a good fortress, and if at all possible find a place that offers a boon that your current fortress doesn’t have. Start small at first by sending only a few people to get things establish and ensure the safety of the location. After that though you can slowly send more people over until you have a second base up and running.

If your first fortress becomes discovered by hostile forces, or something as simple as a fire burns it to the ground, you will already have a second home fully up and running to migrate to. While both fortresses stand you will have two different areas to harvest from and use a bases for exploration.


One thought on “#206 Multiple Fortresses=Multiple Fail Safes

  1. Twice the sites, twice the logistics.
    Survival is measured by gain over effort. Putting stuff away to lose it from being found or destroyed is a waste of effort therefore a loss. Better to carry than to give away FOC.

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