#207 The Primal Age=War

Survival Tip #207

The Primal Age=War

The Primal Age should be treated as one long war. You should never make this mistake of being lulled into a peace time easiness. Every person you come across should be regarded as a threat until proven otherwise. Every day something will be trying to kill you. Whether that is another person, mother nature, or your own brain wanting to quit, every day will be a fight to live.

Keep yourself mentally strong, and mentally prepared for the war.


One thought on “#207 The Primal Age=War

  1. Perhaps, but a primal time will be easier to live because you won’t have the same B.S. of today’s modern life.
    Once a protocol for “meet and greet” has become established, life will be easier.
    I’ve experienced that in a multilingual theater.
    No words, slow actions, grounding of arms, open palms, simple protocols.
    Protocols that get established to avoid costly conflict even if it is a primal time.

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