#212 Both sides of the Coin

Survival Tip #212

Both Sides of the Coin

Always remember that your perspective isn’t the only perspective. In the Primal Age everyone will be out for one thing: Their own survival. You need to keep this in mind at all times when dealing with other people, whether they are in your group or not. You often see in PA films that group of murderers, rapists, and thieves. This is because their mob mentality allows them the greatest chance of survival. Now, I am no way saying you should become something out of Mad Max, I’d much rather see you retain some humanity, but do keep in mind there are people who will sell their mother if it means they continue breathing. There will come a time or times, when you must choose between your humanity and your life or the lives of those you care about. I can’t tell you how to act in those situations, but you need to always remember the other person in the situation is also weighing the same choices. What would you do to survive?


3 thoughts on “#212 Both sides of the Coin

  1. It’s all about survival in our daily life yet today, now, everything is biased against you.
    You have to choose a path of least resistance else you will fall foul of someone else’s B.S. agenda or rules.

    Thus the problem of survival becomes easier in the primal age.
    Every decision you take is YOUR decision. Every action is decided by YOU.
    Morality? What’s that. Even the 10 commandments mean nothing.
    What matters is you and your own.
    No law, no politics, no nothing. Simple.

    Some people liken the primal age to war without rules of engagement.
    Anyone who has experienced war without limits KNOWS everything
    The only problem there is war ends and society then judges your actions.
    That wouldn’t happen in a primal age.

    I’d welcome the primal age simply because it does away with the B.S. of modern life.

    1. Truly a shame there is an ocean between us. If I make it back to the UK we’ll have to kill some moles. Everything you just said was exactly why I wrote my novel.

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