#215 Know the Territory

Survival Tip #215

Know the Territory

Recently I drove from South Carolina to Colorado. A roughly 2,000 mile trip. I made stops along the way to see some old friends. Each stop I made in different parts of the country had a different climate, and especially once I got to Colorado I had to face altitude.

Being that this isn’t the Primal Age it wasn’t that big of an issue that some places required a t-shirt, while others needed a full winter get up. But little things like not being prepared for the temperature change on a journey in the Primal Age could cost you your life. So, before setting off on any long expedition learn all you can about where you are going. What will the weather, temperature, and altitude be? What water sheds can you count on? What types of animals will there be to eat? What types of animals will want to eat you?

Know before you go.


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