#238 Don’t Ditch Your Phone

Survival Tip #238

Don’t Ditch Your Phone

How long will a cellphone work in the Primal Age? Almost impossible to tell since any number of apocalypses could render them useless right away, while others could let them live on for days, weeks, or longer. Many crank powered radios have cell phone chargers built into them, and certain apps could make your life much easier in the first few days. I’m not saying to rely on your phone. You absolutely must know how to survive without it. I’m only saying don’t toss it out the window the moment the Primal Age begins. Just think if you could make that one phone call to that one person to let them know where you are going, wouldn’t you want to?


Here is a good option for an emergency radio that charges cellphones:

Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio, Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger with AC Adaptor


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