#242 Duality vs. Practicality

Survival Tip #242

Duality vs Practicality

This is something I always preach when talking about prepping. If you can find something that can do two jobs for the space of one it is worth looking into. Many people go hiking and camping with those 1$ emergency ponchos, but I’ll take an industrial trash bag over that any day. Less than a tenth of the cost, I can use it as a bag, a bag cover, a poncho, or any number of other things. Often times I argue with people who favor a baseball bat to a prybar as a melee weapon. They both can crush skulls but one has other functions.

This doesn’t mean always picking duality over simplicity is the right option. Like a utility knife with 50 different options is likely to be crap, and unnecessary. So, before you go with duality check for practicality and durability. If you can swap out two items for one without sacrificing either of those categories it is worth looking into.

Dead On AN18 18-Inch Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar



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