#243 Your Best

Survival Tip #243

Your Best

Your best. It sounds very simple. Your best. It seems so easy.

But it’s not.

Your best takes hard work. Your best takes dedication. Your best is a constant fight. Tomorrow your best should be better than today’s best.

Your owe it to yourself, and those around you, to always put your best into everything you do.


3 thoughts on “#243 Your Best

  1. In survival terms I do just enough.
    Just enough to meet my basic goals means I’ve still got some reserves to deal with the unexpected.

    For example, setting up a temporary camp.
    Best often involves long hours on the task of organization, building proper latrines, washing facilities, cooking areas, and the 101 things necessary to set up a “proper camp”. That’s doing your best.

    Doing enough allows you to rest, to recover, to survive without wasting energy.
    Enough is usually all you need and in a transient world, is also generally a low footprint approach, a set of basic tasks, a minimal routine that conserves your mind and energy.

    Enough covers most of your requirements and generally flows adapting to local conditions.
    Best is generally rigid in it’s application, with a degree of mental if not physical stress. Forcing a regime onto already mentally and physically tired bodies.

    Survival is all about gain over effort and yet working with others who “excel at best” sees them working long after I have eaten, washed up, and settled down for that all important rest.

  2. That’s kinda my point Justin.
    Doing just enough to survive, to maintain our continued survival yet without wasting the most precious resource I have i.e. my physical capabilities.

    I’ve worked with people who cannot relax until the last food can is lined up labels forward. Everything in it’s place and a place for everything. All that energy expended in achieving their idea of best practice. Why?

    Me? My priorities totally revolve round conserving energy, resting the mind, the body, and always thinking gain over effort.

    “Doing your Best” is often gain REGARDLESS of effort and as you said, “Hard Work”.
    That’s counter productive when resources are minimal.

    Interesting post my friend.

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