#245 Negativity

Survival Tip #245


You can’t avoid negativity, but you can avoid letting it hold you back. There will never be a situation in your life where 100% of people get behind you and support you. It is important to not let those who believe you will fail from holding you back. There is little difference between not trying is little different from failing. I would even argue it is more noble to fail trying than to let someone else’s thoughts prevent you from attempting.


One thought on “#245 Negativity

  1. Noble is good, in a benign situation.
    Though trying when others are talking failure could go wrong in survival.
    Problem is one of the doubters could be working off a gut feeling and you should listen to that. It’s that 6th sense that says “All is not right”.
    Mr. Macho will often ignore that.
    Mr. Macho will often cause harm to others who were preaching caution.
    It’s also funny that when this happens, Mr. Macho is nowhere to be found.

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