#252 LifeStraw

Survival Tip #252

Life Straw

I’ve used many a different forms of water purification over the years. I’ve used Iodine tables, sun exposure, boiling, and hand pump filters. Sun exposure always leaves me wondering how well it has been purified. Boiling takes time and leaves the water with that stale taste. My last two hand pumps broke while hiking (one the hand pump snapped, the other cracked when my pack fell). Iodine tablets are fast and easy, but the also leave that funny taste in the water.

So, I decided it was time to change out some gear and see what I could find with updated technology. When it came to water filtration the Life Straw seemed to be the new and improved version of past filters. If you have used one, I’m all ears, but based on the stats it seems to be one of the best options out there. Especially at 20$.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


3 thoughts on “#252 LifeStraw

  1. The ole iodine taste bit eh.
    Simply add a soluble vitamin C tablet to the water.
    Nice (if you like oranges). It doesn’t work with lemon tabs though.
    Either that or make your chocolate THICK!

    Survival straws are OK except for bulk requirements where for me they just can’t cut it.
    The two I tried were OK but hard work.
    Proofed for quite a lot of fluids (750-1000 liters apparently) both the ones I had died over the quiet season so I presume I didn’t store them OK.

    Now I’ve swopped back to basics.
    Filtering? I use a fine grade coffee filter in a small bean can which I’ve punched holes in the bottom for the big bits and then boil baby boil!
    Truly basic I know yet it works for two of us.

    1. I agree boiling is always best. Anyone can do it right, and it requires no additional gear. But it is time consuming. I am hoping this will help me reload on the go.

      1. For one to drink or two to share, it’s not bad I suppose and if tactical, it could save your life.

        Yet, reflect a while about “on the go” Justin.
        Time will be of no consequence when the watches stop (as eventually they all will)..

        Imagine, no phones, appointments, or rushing about. The Sun comes up, the sun goes down, between then you’ve got all day to live.

        Lovely thought isn’t it. So stop and take that break.
        Chill out, boil water, and drink deeply from your efforts. Then rise refreshed.

        Now isn’t that better than “on the go”?

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