#254 Redwood vs. Mayfly

Survival Tip #254

Redwood vs. Mayfly

I am a big fan in what I like to call maintaining emotional equilibrium. What I mean when I say that is regardless of what is happening in my life my emotional range stays relatively the same. This helps me remain clear headed no matter what.

One of the many tricks I use to maintain this is I try to see whatever situation I am experiencing through the eyes of a Redwood or a Mayfly. A Redwood has thousands of years to live and therefore anything short of a direct threat to my life really isn’t a big deal. A Mayfly has only twenty-four hours to live. I don’t imagine they spend much time cause up in drama. Keeping these two time lines in mind when viewing whatever is happening in life helps me stay grounded and logical.


One thought on “#254 Redwood vs. Mayfly

  1. Emotional extremes aren’t a problem.
    The secret is to not let the bad win or the good override your judgement.

    That and being able to tell the difference between right and wrong.
    Emotionally if you believe you are in the right, any task is often easy.
    Even when the task is emotionally hard on the soul.

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