#255 Free Money!

Survival Tip #255

Too Good To Be True

Now and in the Primal Age when something seems too good to be true it is. I understand you are human and you want it, nay wish it, to be true, but your life could depend on not falling into such a trap. Trust your gut. There are thousands of years worth of survival instincts buried in your subconscious, even if you only consider the great outdoors the distance from the car to the shop. Ask yourself if a situation only seems that way because you want it to be, or if you fear it is, then let your instinct guide you.


One thought on “#255 Free Money!

  1. Sometimes fear, and imagination can overrule judgement.
    Misreading a sign, a wrong interpretation of a sense, can be detrimental to your cause.

    Caution is good yet unless you are alone, make your own luck.
    Most times you can tip the odds in your favor with basic security i.e.
    Someone on over-watch useful with a rifle.

    Sure we’ve all got that gut feeling “all is not right” BUT occasionally you’ll need to ignore that as it might be the one chance you’ll get to resupply for a very, very, VERY long time.

    Remember there are rules and protocols to a ‘meet and greet’ let alone a barter or as travelers pass.
    They will take time to become “globally” established but once in common use you should follow them exactly YET always hold an ace in the hand.

    That’s your pal watching your back and “THEM” not knowing that he or she is there or even exists.

    Don’t bluff though, it generally fails as you, me, anyone exhibits “tells” the whole time.
    A trained observer will know how to read them and then you’re toast!

    The real thing wins every time.
    Nothing stops nonsense like a shot from nowhere landing close to or dropping an aggressor. A clear warning statement screaming “Stop mucking about”.

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