#278 Value is not set

Survival Tip #278

Value is not Set

The value of any object or person is directly affected by the situation. A glass of water to a man dying of thirst would give anything for it, but a glass of water to a drowning man would be utterly useless. If your group happens to have a great stock pile of ammunition, but not enough food to see next week, your ammo will seem worthless to you. On the other hand if you have a great farm, but nothing to defend yourself with, food won’t be the concern on your mind. So remember value is a created construct between the buyer and the seller(or traders). If you find yourself attempting to do business in the Primal Age, do not let on the things that you are scare of or abundant in or you will immediately drop your own trade value while raising that of the goods which you are trying to procure.


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