10 Things Every Girl Should Know Before She Dates A Writer

Found this enjoyable.

Thought Catalog

Callum PainterCallum Painter

My friends all know where to find me. I’m almost always at the local coffee shop staring intensely at my laptop screen, working on stories most people probably won’t ever read. At the off chance that I’m not there, I’m probably locked away in my cave-like office with my dog sleeping at my feet. Those same friends would probably describe me as introverted and outgoing—an anomaly. But I do have a wild side. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I’m not rich or famous, but my work does show up on multiple Google searches.

Although this sounds like a really shitty match.com profile, trust me, it’s not. This is actually the synopsis of the life of a male writer, told by a guy that’s living the lifestyle. I won’t take full responsibility for what you’re about to read, I was actually inspired to write this piece…

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