One of the many reasons the Empire lost



The AT-AT is a good example of why the Empire was doomed to fail. Someone in their engineering department must have had a thing for slow moving dogs with a back brace. Now don’t get me wrong I love dogs, but attaching lasers to a head of a dog that doesn’t have any spine flexibility and can’t run, doesn’t really scare me.

It is an eight-story, 4 ton machine that has about 15 degrees of threat. If you stand beside, behind, or even under the behemoth you are safe.  Don’t worry it is so tall that you can see it coming a mile away, and it is loud, clunky, and slow. If you see it on the horizon during breakfast, don’t worry about it until lunch.

In a time period equivalent one is taken down by the same concept as a man rushing a Panzer with a sword and coming out on top.

I am baffled why the rebels would fly directly in front of these mechanical disasters, but maybe they wanted to make it interesting. If this was the best the Empire had left they needed to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps not something with more mobility than a senile dog. Better luck next time.


One thought on “One of the many reasons the Empire lost

  1. Now consider modern technology in the world today.
    Everything has a computer of some sort in it.
    Huge ships controlled by one man and a keyboard.
    Trains controlled by the same.

    Looking at what weapons are made today.
    Planes that can’t fly, guns that can’t be laid, loaded, or fired if the computers are bust.
    As for missile systems? Don’t even try to go there.
    Down to smart personal weapons with computer controlled sights and triggers.
    GPS, and the Internet as a weapon..

    The world today may be a “child” compared to what “may be” and perhaps the future will still be run by idiot designers but one thing is certain,
    SKYNET is coming.

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