Same House, New Paint

You are in the right place, assuming you were still looking for me. I’ve decided to do a little revamping on the website since I’ve let it gather so much dust. The major change I have done is actually cloned the site(which I guess isn’t technically a change). I’d like to have a little more flex in what I cover on So, what I did is I copied everything that was here a moment ago and moved it over to another site I own:

Moving forward this site will cover the entire gambit of what I post, while the other will focus solely on things relating to The Primal Age. Up to you which you’d rather pay attention to.

Good news update. I have been covering a lot of ground on The Primal Age Chronicles 2(TPAC2). In the last three weeks I have churned out a little over 100 pages. I am hoping to have the current draft done by Christmas.


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