Rough Waters

This is my first post in Lessons from my Father. Much of the reason I have revamped my website away from just being about the Primal Age is so that I can share more of my existence with the audience without always having to be so apocalyptic in nature.



I know it is a pretty common saying that smooth waters don’t make a strong sailor, but hearing this from my dad as a kid I thought he was the one who coined it. I feel bad for people currently becoming parents since their kids will have access to the internet to debunk what they say.

Besides, my dad’s had a unique twist to it. He always said “you’ll never learn how strong you are spending your time in smooth water”. I’m not sure if he meant that to mean I should exist in a state of chaos or not, but what he did mean was I should never be afraid to throw caution to the wind and challenge myself. Time and time again I have picked waters that totally change the course of my trip.

And I have to give the guy a lot of credit. He always told me that if I chose to jump off a cliff he wouldn’t put a safety net out so I better learn to fly. I can’t say I am all that great of a sailor. I spend much of my time in rough waters, but I usually fight to stay afloat. When I get caught in a particularly rough squall that I am not sure I will ever make it out of, he’ll pull his ship along side and offer me advice, but he isn’t the Coast Guard coming to save me.

There were times when I was a kid that I cursed him for this. As we all curse our parents, but he knew I needed to find my own way out. And I have learned that by having to fight through the rough times I have come to define the type of person I am.

So, here’s me tipping back a shot of rum(we both prefer bourbon but since this is nautical themed I’ll stick with rum) saying thanks to my dad, and getting back to those rough waters.


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