The First Book of James


So with The Primal Age Chronicles: Strays about to release let me tell you a little story. My middle sister has a penchant for saving animals. When I was a kid she brought home a cat that my Dad gave her two weeks to get rid of and he ended up keeping for nearly 20 years. January 2015 she pulled a similar stunt on me. She rescued the above dog(Ironically named Gem) from a kill shelter 7 minutes before she was to be terminated. She turned up at my house with a 40 pound dog(now plump at 90) with pneumonia, kennel cough, and a number of other things. I was asked to watch said dog for a few days until there was room at Speranza Animal Rescue where she volunteers.

A few days turned into a few weeks, which turned into months, which now has me coming up on two years with my writing assistant.

Though she can sometimes be a pain in the ass(I will let you decide if I am talking about my sister or my dog) I would like to do something nice for her.

I don’t have much past what I can do with words, which is why I decided to use them to try to do some good.

I have put a novella up called The First Book of James which is the first installment in my short stories collection that take place in the Primal Age but away from the events that follow in the books.

This flagship release for Stories from the Primal Age follows the character Jem and what happens to him during the timeline of Foamersand sets up much of his motivation in Strays.

I set it up for a preorder and it will become available on August 7th(plenty of time to read it before Strays releases)

Now this is the part where you probably want me to get to the point.

I will donate all preorder profit to Speranza to help them save other mutts like Gem.

Would you rather donate straight to Speranza? Click here.

Want to buy a story and give some money to the cause? Click here.





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