Tim Smith, a fellow writer and friend, once told me on a nice summer run that all runners are running toward something or away from it.

I’ve been trying to use 2017 to make some self improvements, and with that has come a lot of reflection on myself, my actions, and my choices throughout my 20s. (My 30s loom near)

Toward the end of 2016 I took a leap and moved away from my home area to a job that doesn’t pay much, but I enjoy. I found the job and moved in less than a week.

I questioned then if I was running toward my career or away from my home world. I think the answer then was running away. Now, I believe I am finally running toward. I don’t have enough time to feel sorry for myself because my time is focused on doing the best job I can at work, working out every day, writing at least a 1000 words a day, and overall just taking care of me.

It feels nice to be running toward.


One thought on “Running

  1. It’s time to run hard! Head down and don’t stop for a break or to look back. 20 to 30 moves at a much slower pace than 30 to 40 so lengthen the stride and go!

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