1000/1000 Update

Been trying to be healthier. So far so good. I’ve nearly hit my 1000 words a day every day since the 9th of January. I’ve successfully burned 1000 calories and kept my intake around 1500 every day(But Sundays which is a recovery day for working out). Also been trying to make healthier eating habits with the suggestions of some friends.

January 8th I weighted in at 204 pounds

January  21st I came in at 198 pounds.

Down six in two weeks. If I can maintain this pace I will be back to 175 by my birthday in May. Stay tuned. (also don’t want to bore people with my work outs or meals or any of that such but if you are curious leave a message)

p.s. if anyone wants to be my friend on my fitness pal my name is justinpeterkassab



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