Seven Two Off Suit

The seven two off suit is the lowest percentage starting hand in Texas Hold’em. They are the lowest two cards you can have but with such a gap that they don’t connect for straight possibility and you would have to run four cards to the flush leaving you with best case scenario a 7 high flush. Bottom line it should never win.

It’s my favorite hand.

And if I’m being real picky I want 7clubs 2spades. I see that hand and I know I can’t lose. I won’t lose. I will play that hand like its gold.

And more often than not it works.

It works simply because of how it is represented. The embodiment of you can’t control your cards only how you play them.

So remember the next time you want to feel sorry about your hand, it has nothing to do with your hand, and everything to do with your ability to play it. Play it like its gold and you’ll find yourself rich.


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