One Moment

I once had a friend say that growing up he hated fighting me because he knew eventually he would lose. It didn’t matter how much he felt like he was winning the fight at some point I would win. (Major disclaimer here I am not claiming to be a good fighter in any way shape or form these were childhood friendlies)

But what I could wait for, endure for, was a moment. I could take the beating but not give up a weakness and wait for my moment. When the window came I would take it and not let up.

This is the same with life folks. You can be at rock bottom but as long as you are protecting the vitals you just need that one moment to strike back against life. Things aren’t going your way, endure for that moment. And when that moment comes don’t be afraid to strike, because if you do you will change your life forever. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself wondering why life is still winning one, two, ten years later.



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